The Beginners guide to online investing:

What is a trading platform?

How to choose a reliable trading platform

Trading platforms today are presented in a vast assortment. Among them are terminals adapted for the stock market and platforms for trading futures. But what should you expect from the platform in order not to be disappointed in your choice? In this article, we will consider the key factors for choosing a trading platform and get acquainted with the most popular terminals.

Platforms for trading on the stock exchange: what to look for?

Experienced traders compare the selection of platforms with the buying of a car, and there are similarities in this comparison. If a car is a means of comfortable transportation around the city, then a trading platform is a means of transportation around the market, which gives the trader access to it. Accordingly, its choice should not be taken lightly. But what to search for?

The trading terminal should be convenient – all the necessary charts and basic tools must be always in front of your eyes, and you can maximize the system for yourself.

There are not many functions, therefore, the more various technical indicators, tables, charts, and graphs the platform supports, the more chances the trader has to turn it into a truly useful tool.

No matter how functional the platform, if it has only two trading tools and access to one exchange, you won’t earn much. Therefore, it is important that the platform has admittance to various exchanges and provides a wide range of traded assets.

If we talk about universal terminals that allow you to trade an extensive diversity of assets at various platforms in one place, then you can not distinguish the MetaTrader 4 platform. It has been and remains one of the most popular among others.

If you want more information about how online trading works, trading strategies, how to use trading platforms, and others, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our articles and tutorials.

It is necessary to check the platform before using it to make certain that it proposes what you demand and what you want so that your operations are as effective and prosperous as possible.

The best broker 2020.

The TOP brokers 2020

The online investment market is quite developed today, so the trading conditions offered by various operators, as well as their additional services, are not very diverse. Nevertheless, the profitability of trade largely depends on the competent choice of the company. The need for choice does not mean that you can work with only one operator. Therefore, speaking about the best brokers, they are mainly meant not those with the most beautiful picture on the screen and a more detailed working interface with the provision of an excessive amount of technical indicators and analytical tools. First of all, the rating of binary options brokers 2019-2020 means the rating of honesty of the creators of trading platforms. The most popular venues are FX Pro, IQ Option, Binomo, Olymptrade, Zerodha, OctaFX, Citigroup, Exness, BDSwiss, Binary, XM, RoboForex, FXTM (Forex Time). So, to get into the rating of the best binary options brokers, you must meet the following basic requirements: Stable work for at least 2 years; Fast technical support; Reliability and simplicity of financial transactions; Lack of complaints about the broker in regulatory bodies; Availability – the size of the minimum deposit and rate; Bonus broker; The presence of a demo account; Variety of trading assets. The leaders of the rating are the following brokers. The international broker FxPro began its activities in 2006. An individual system of work is based on the fact that the company offers agent services that do not allow the trader and broker to conflict due to profit. The company offers its customers three main types of accounts, each of which has individual advantages and is aimed at a group of traders, from beginners to experienced users of the financial market: FXPro MT4, FxPro cTrader, FXPRO MT5. IQ Option – a binary options broker, started working in 2013. He offers a large number of different assets for earning on binary options. Initially, the company focused mainly on users from the CIS countries, but a year later, it managed to enter the market of Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, and so on. In many ways, this was made possible thanks to the license that IQ Option received from the CySEC regulator in Cyprus. Today, the broker’s services are used by customers from 178 countries. Since 2010, ForexTime broker has been professionally providing quality brokerage services in the modern forex market. From the first day of work, this broker began to establish and use the highest standards. FXTM is regulated by the leading Belizean financial regulator (International Financial Services Commission of Belize). Attractive trading conditions are an important advantage of the FXTM broker. In 2020, the TOP rating includes the most reliable companies and brokers, such as Binomo, Citigroup, Olymptrade, OctaFX, Zerodha, Exness, BDSwiss, Binary, XM, RoboForex, trading with which is really profitable. However, each trader has his own priorities, in addition, even the best ones need to be made the final choice. Various additional functions and rating parameters will help you in solving this problem, and you can read more about the features of choosing a broker on our website. The profession of a trader is one of the most profitable in the world, and the training process sometimes takes years without providing any guarantees. Therefore, we thank our students who trusted us and conducted the next segment of training in our company. As in many other areas, it is diligent systemic work, self-motivation, and striving for a goal that turns an amateur into a professional.

How Does It Work

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Think carefully and evaluate

Before embarking on a fascinating journey through the stock exchange, do not forget to think over your motivators that will make trading more conscious: What is the purpose of trading? What income do you dream of? How do you spend your first money? What kind of life do you dream about, and what would you like to change in your current situation? Also, thinking about your trading on the stock exchange, answer the following questions: What funds will you invest in trading? How much time will you will devote to trading? Will you work thoroughly and evaluate your financial capabilities?


Start training in trading

These are courses for those who have just decided to become a trader and need basic knowledge. In the training process, designed for two (or more) weeks, students take the first steps: get acquainted with the most important concepts of trading investment instruments and, at the same time, try trading. Classes include a theoretical part in the form of lectures, seminars, master classes, and a practical part in which all the acquired skills are practiced. At good courses, classes are conducted under the guidance of a curator who is ready to advise the listener on any issues at any time. During their studies, novice traders actively discuss financial market news, learn to make forecasts, and make their first deals. This is the basic knowledge to start your journey in trading.


Choosing the strategy for online Forex trading

An important stage in building successful trading on the market is the choice of strategy. It will allow you to learn how to play on the stock exchange. What is an exchange trading strategy? This is a set of adopted rules developed by a trader, which is aimed at systematically making a profit by speculating on an exchange. There are a lot of options for trading strategies on the exchange on the Internet, however, all of them will be based on several principles that will lead the trader to profit. If you are just starting to trade on the exchange, select a specific trading strategy. With the accumulation of trading experience, you will be able to use several strategies at once and conduct successful trading.


Enjoy and increase the result

It is recommended to start trading on the exchange with minimal amounts after virtual ones. After six months of online trading in a non-demo account, it becomes clear whether the trader is ready to switch to a real account. By this time, a person is accumulating a sufficient amount of knowledge. He is already able to competently analyze the market, not so much prone to emotions. Even successful trading on the exchange with a minimum deposit should be lengthy. Then you can increase it by one and a half times. After – rise again. And so, until your money is complete, and you do not feel confident in the market. With serious intentions and efforts, sooner or later, a positive result will be achieved in any case.

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It is all about the investment strategy and its intuition when choosing assets. Now you can trade as one of the most successful investors in the world, thanks to us and our site.
Participate in trading, expand your knowledge, and gain invaluable experience! In order to be successful in stock trading, you need to improve constantly. Learn new methods, read articles, books, work out, and adjust your trading strategies with FX Pro and IQ Option. Internet trading does not stand still, constantly changing, and developing.
Thanks to a specialized free training course you will have stable work, a flexible schedule and considerable money that you can earn in a fairly short period of your activity, the main thing is to take everything as seriously as possible! And always remember, learning is never too late! We wish you good luck and a big profit!